We are the best network for start-ups and technology in Brussels for Xpats.com

Thanks to our member Jennifer Snow, we have found out that the leading site for expats in Brussels, Xpats.com, has chosen us as the best network for start-ups and technology in the best for business section of their social networking special:

Best for start-ups and technology

Betagroup Coworking is a self-professed “geek-friendly professional network” that specialises in technology start-ups and positions itself as technology-friendly, although you don’t have to be a geek to join. Beta Group actively helps members find a “connectedness” between one another, their projects, businesses and skills. If you’re looking for a working space, you can rent desk space with flexible options. It hosts and sponsors venues for free events and is open to non-members, and with a list of 5,000 contacts already on their books, these people know a thing or two about networking. You can listen to inspiring speakers, learn about what other start-ups are doing and meet people who have turned bright ideas into profitable business reality. The next big event is on April 19. Registration is obligatory but free.

We share section with the British Chamber of commerce and the Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industries (BECI).

What can I say… thanks, it is awesome! :)

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