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Jobs, Flexible Work and Collaboration in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

The future of work is changing. It looks to be bleak for jobs, but not for work itself. There’s a rise of freelancing and the gig economy that allows a lot of people to gain professional and financial freedom. At the last Ouishare fest in Paris I had the chance to participate in two talks […]

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Get rid of your partner for Christmas!

Your partner works from home and you’ve just about had enough. He/she hangs out during the day in pyjamas with the only companions being the T.V, the fridge and the Internet when he/she is working. It’s a life of solitude. And if that wasn’t enough, when you get home you get evil looks because your […]

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Goodbye for now, coworking forever!

While I am trying to say goodbye, a lot of  good memories go through my mind. I started my internship 5 months ago with eagerness to learn but I never imagined all the things that were to happen. It was more than just an internship, it was the experience of my life. The last days are coming, […]

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25 Self-Publishing Links From Our Members Only Workshop

At Betacowork we help each other out a lot. One of the ways we do this is with member only workshops where we exchange knowledge in a safe environment. The self publishing workshop was one of the most successful ones, as we have many authors among the Betacoworkers. Some are professional writers while others, like […]

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My First Five Years Running Betacowork

It has been five years already. I can’t hardly believe it. Thankfully, there are pictures that showcase the evolution and the passing of time, where I’ve grown larger and larger, just as Betacowork membership has…   Beyond age and weight, a lot of things have changed. Betacowork has grown to have its second employee (Sara), […]

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