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Coworking Community Building: Onboarding and Events

Day 2 of the Coworking Europe Conference is the Unconference day! How does it work? Everyone can propose a discussion topic, you pitch it in front of the audience to attract people to join it and once you meet, you share the experiences on the subject. From my point of view, it’s the best moment […]

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Say Yes! Speed up agile adoption with Improv games – Workshop

What will you do? Ice-breaker & Intro 5 minutes recap’ on Agile principles + 5 minutes recap on Improv principles Agile principles and improv tips and tricks: why & how do they cross-fertilize each other? Warm-up A few quick and easy improv warm-up exercises, to get you going and break the ice. The (not so) […]

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What’s your “Mot of the Dag”?

We don’t say much over in the quiet room, but we do love words. That’s no surprise in a room where half of the people are translators or wordsmiths of some kind. So Jeremy Blezard – wordsmith, sketcher, story boarder, consummate wearer of jumpers – and I hatched a little project called Le Mot of […]

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Meet The Whiteboard of Opportunity

I have a personal motto. “Make more, consume less, reduce friction”. That last part, “reduce friction” is something I try to adhere to in my work as a web developer. Most of us have had frustrating experiences on the web and now value good user experience so I won’t explain any further. But sometimes adding a […]

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The Hackathon Canvas – a free resource to organize your hackathon

Hackathons get more and more popular. Unfortunately, a lot of organizers face difficulties when preparing their event. The free Hackathon Canvas has been designed to make the preparation simpler. In 30 minutes, organizers can challenge their event to save time and energy, and maximize the added value of the event. Long live hackathons! In Belgium, […]

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